Making A Remote Income In A Skoolie

Sep 20, 2022
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How do you make a remote income in a bus? It's easier than ever to find an idea and get started making money one the road. I would love to point you toward our YouTube video on this topic. Listen in the video as I talk about our 12 income streams in Bussedamove. 

Here's our video on the same subject.



We have a few online business ventures. One of them is a brand called Just Like A Pro. We have plans for this to eventually become a big platform with many teachers. Right now, we have Sound Just Like A Pro lead by me, and Cooking Just Like A Pro which is lead by my friend Chef Hank Reid. Chef Hank runs a Hunger Relief Non-Profit called Lettum Eat just outside of Atlanta. We use Cooking Just Like A Pro to let Chef Hank make his own money for Lettum Eat to offset some of the constant need for donations and partners. 

William ( Sound Just Like A Pro )

Chef Hank ( Cooking Just Like A Pro )


As a preview for the video I'll show you some pictures from our "Local Gig Work" section. Victoria is a Photo Double, Stunt Double,  and Stand-In for Child Actors in the Film & TV Scene in Atlanta, Georgia. The following pictures are from her work on the set of "Doctor Sleep" which is a sequel to "The Shining" from 1980. "Doctor Sleep was shot in and around Atlanta in 2019, almost 40 years after the original.

Victoria ( Doctor Sleep )



In 2021, Victoria was the Photo Double for the character "Lincoln Loud" on "A Very Loud Christmas."  These are a few behind the scenes images. 

Victoria ( A Very Loud Christmas )


I am no stranger to the Film & TV industry in Atlanta, GA. I have been on a lot of sets around Atlanta as a musician/actor as well as a lighting and sound technician. 

William ( Hap & Leonard )

William ( The FOX Theatre )

This is just the tip of the iceberg in what we do and how we do what we do. If you want to go deeper and start to learn more about us and what we do, I'd love to invite you to download our book "A Guide To Making Money On The Road" so that you can take the next step toward your remote income and location independence. 

Watch the video linked above and download the book. I hope that we can be with you as you take your next steps. 

Thanks so much for reading this far.





If you're looking for a solid way to make a mobile income or to make money on the road without having to actually report to a desk somewhere at an office, click here to download our free eBook called " A Guide To Making Money On The Road " to get started.