Nov 03, 2021
Is it illegal to drive my bus without a CDL? William Sims of Bussedamove explains CDL requirements per state.

The same question is asked so many different ways in regard to how you can drive your school bus conversion.

"Can I drive my bus without a CDL?"

"What type of CDL for a Skoolie?"

"Is it illegal to drive a bus without a CDL?"

"Is it illegal to drive a skoolie without a CDL?"

We looked around. When making the assumption that your bus will be registered and titled as an RV or at least used as an RV, the CDL rules are easy. No state requires a CDL simply because it is an RV but a few states do have rules based on the weight or the size. 

There are farther rules for what type of Non-Commercial specialty license that you might need for your bus. I'll list them all below. 

The CDL Requirements based on size

The CDL Requirements based on weight

The Non-CDL Special License Requirements 

This will get you on the right path but it should go without saying that you should always check with your local DMV before you get out on the road and accidentally break the law. Please check with them before you do anything. 

Thanks for everything and for following our adventures here at The DIY Bus Guy and also Bussedamove.

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