Finding A Used Skoolie

Nov 29, 2021

 Top 3 Places To Find Your Bus

There are many places to find a bus. We're going to focus on 3 of them. 

#1 eBay  

This was how we bought Bussedamove. We found the bus that we wanted but lost the auction. We lost it because of a scheduling thing. This may not be the experience of everyone but we were able to reach out to the seller. As it turned out, he had a dozen buses and offered to sell us one for the same price as the last auctions if we'd come get it. That worked out great because we were able to go pick out the one we wanted out of the lot of them and pay cash. It was the perfect buying experience. I hope that everyone can have the same level of ease during the purchase phase as we did. 

#2 Facebook Marketplace  

Facebook is a great place to have conversations. The marketplace app leaves a lot to be desired but they're working on it every day to make it better. Jump in there. If it works for you, it works for you. Take advantage of the chance to message the seller and get all of the information that you can.  

#3 GovDeals is a decent place to look. We've known some people to have some good luck and some people to not have good luck. It's a matter of what you're looking for. Auction sites give the buyer an opportunity for a cheap price. There's almost always a catch when a cheaper price is an option. For me, I always like to go for the option that lets me have a conversation with the buyer.


There are a few other options. No option is wrong. You have to make the best choice with the best information that you have. We also have a group called the The Virtual Swap Meet. We're trying to build this into the greatest source for Skoolie parts and even the buses themselves. This is a free group that is part of the larger group called The DIYer's Club. Sign up here and find your bus or parts for your build.


Thanks for reading. I wish you all the best while looking for your perfect rig. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Bus Love,



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